Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer around the world

Hola! I'm just working on my summer 2012 pieces.
I thought I'd make some pieces that reflect summer all over the world. I'm only about half done, but I thought I'd let you peek=0)

These earrings are silver plated and measure 21mm.

 Summer on the California coast. I looooove finding sand dollars. It's hard to find one that isn't broken, but I jump up and down EVERYtime. Just love. These hand painted earrings have all my favorites. Blue water...sea glass...sand dollars.

NYC anyone?!
I dream of walking around Central Park with these gorgeous mint green pumps. 
I can always dream....

 Would anyone like to meet in the English garden for some afternoon tea?
Wonderful lavender flowers all around and lemon curd.

The last few are of my newest pendants. I'm still dreaming up the necklace to add to these. stones. Plain chain? Short chain? Long chain? As you can see...I'm still dreaming them up=0)

This one is for myself. My daughter runs to this fountain after preschool and makes a wish.
She usually says, "my wish FOR A YOYO".
I just had to capture such a sweet moment.

 Summer in the south of France. would be lovely.
Maybe have some steamed clams at the restaurant across the street.
I just love it there=0)

Lets summer in Paris. Maybe just sit around on a bench and soak it all in.
Croissant with chocolate for lunch!

 The last one is of summer on the island of Bora Bora.
OH the water there. Save your pennies and polish up your French!
This island is worth every cent. Pure relaxation and it would be a wonderful summer.

Hope you are liking the new pieces so far!

Have a wonderful day,

My other job....
J-Where were you?
Me-I was with X. I'm sorry I missed your party.
J-I wanted you to hear me sing the bear song.
Me-I'm so sorry. You know X won't come early with me. I feel really bad and I'm sad I missed the song.(Now I honestly wanted to cry).

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