Friday, June 1, 2012

Sea glass by the sea shore

Good morning and happy Friday!
The flu entered the building last Sunday.
Lucky for us only X got it. We have had a long week of fevers, naps, go fish, lego harry potter game and the cheese touch game. Some how I ALWAYS get the cheese touch!
Well, it's a new day=0)
Last night I started the first wash of a new watercolor. So far...looks peaceful. We will see how it develops over the weekend. Maybe I need to drive to the sea side to look at the sand closer. This way I can paint it better;oP


My other job....
X-I don't want to go to school tomorrow.
Me-But you're all better! Annnnnnddddd your teacher called to say how much they miss you.
X-But I missed all the fun stuff this week(tears).
Me-Yes, but we had as much fun as we could here at home. Are you telling me that our hero factory battles were boring? I almost lost my actual eye ball! YOU WERE LAUGHING SO HARD!
X-Fine...I'll go. I'd rather stay home and play cards.
Me-Are you up for the challenge after school? 
X-OH YEAH. Don't be too sad when you lose! You're going dooooooooowwwwnnnnnnnn.....

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