Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Such fun sterling

I finished my summer bracelets!
These are a lot of fun and they are adjustable=0)
They really are cute and I made two of each...in case you want to buy one for your BFF too=0)

These are all hand painted original watercolor paintings. I carefully cut them to fit perfectly in the 13mm pendant. I then carefully seal them and put a protective coating on top. They are very protected, BUT it's best to keep them dry. These are all sterling silver and 9" long. You can adjust to any length!!!! The little charms look so cute=0)

Other than that...summer is in full swing!
We are running around and we need to get some Costco size sunblock containers.

Have a great day!

My other job...
Me-Time to get out of the pool!
Me-Time to get out after this last jump!
Me-I know you hear me!!!
Me-Time to go!!! It's cold and J and I are hungry.
Me-I guess we are not coming back tomorrow.
X-OKAY, I'm out!!!

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