Sunday, July 29, 2012

Girls weekend

This weekend I believe that I was able to capture so much natural art. The boys were on a family baseball trip back east...SO THE GIRLS MUST PLAY! We packed our bags and headed to our girls weekend getaway. It was SOOOOO much fun! It was so peaceful and the weather was just GORGEOUS! There was a lot of goofing around and my little J kept saying how much fun she had=0)

 My little J enjoying the breeze. The water was just so glittery.

Come this way!!! We've got bread!

 Nana & J bird watching.

 Back at home enjoying the peace and quiet.

 This 60yr old tree is GORGEOUS. ALL the grooves everywhere. It's right next to the house=0)

 We added a new baby to the family! She was SO hungry. J just played with her all during dinner.

We went to town and they had an outdoor lobster dinner. It was under a huge white tent and there were  lots of people enjoying the mountain air....AND LOBSTER=0)

Back at the house we enjoyed the sun going down.
 The big girls are super excited about the Olympics and of course we had to discuss the USA outfits designed by Ralph Lauren.

We walked down to the lake to feed the ducks the next morning.

Down by the boats.
 The water was just gorgeous. We just wanted to jump right in, but J still can't get her boo boo wet=0(

 We got a few swings in before lunch.

I just love the shingles on this house. They look really pretty.
 Cutest matching gates. One up by the house and another by the boating dock.

It's a girl on a swing. SO cute.

We then went to lunch with our little friend=0)
J deep in thought. 

Now for the hard part....WHICH ONE WILL I DRAW/PAINT.
This was the perfect trip to finish our summer.

Kiss your peeps.

My other job....
X(left me a message)-I love you and miss you AND I'M UP AND IT'S 11 AT NIGHT.
It's 11....It's 11...It's 11...We had a great day! IT'S 11.

Okay, I was laughing SO hard by the end of this message because he's back east. It's really 8pm on the west coast, so it just seems so funny to me. 

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