Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's like an onion...really.

I finished my painting and the number one question I always get do you even do that. LOL.
It's a good question. I'm just not that great at answering in a short period of time, BUT I can show you=0) It's like an onion...that's my quick Shrek answer. LAYERS. 

First you work on your sketch. Placing everything how you'd like and sometimes erasing too=0)

Here I've got the basic layer down and I'm starting to add some more color. You can really notice the hair and shading on the floor and trees.

Adding even more color and texture, so it doesn't look flat.

Now adding even more color and paying close attention to the darkest spots on every object. When it's dry I go back and add the ink. You will notice it on the cross and sweater.

You will always go back during every layer and add a little here and there. I notice if I leave the room and then go back it's easier for me to notice a different spot. The main thing is to be patient with it. Try not to keep looking at that one spot that you may not like so much. Most people don't notice what may be bothering you=0) 

Kiss your peeps!

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