Thursday, January 24, 2013

Falling in love with my subject

Buenos dias!
Here is Tiki again. She is a french bulldog and I'm just IN LOVE with her. She looks like she is so comfy. I love her knitted aqua blanket! I though it would be interesting to paint her. The knitting was tricky, but I love the process/challenge. She is all packed up and on her way home and I have to admit that I will miss her little face. 
Thank you Adam & Eva for letting me paint her!

My little assistant wanted to color too. She brought me her subject and I did a quick sketch.
She LOVES these neon coloring pencils I got her. They are super fun!

Hope you have a great day. We are due for rain this weekend, but it looks like it's coming early.
If you are on the east coast...STAY WARM.

Kiss your peeps!

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