Friday, January 31, 2014


Happy Friday=0)
Friends are a big part of my universe...if you haven't noticed. LOL.
You know all those inside jokes and just giving each other THE LOOK.
This week I was in bed and I woke up about four in the morning.
Anyways, this crazy memory popped into my head.
I burst out laughing!
My husband asked me if I was ok. LOL. I told him the crazy memory of one of my great friends that tickled a co-worker. Let me rewind a little. It was halloween and we were dressed up as hula girls. Our co-worker couldn't even look at us. He was not use to seeing girls with coconuts on. LOL.
SO....the funny part is that my friend tickled his sides and BOTH his knee caps crashed into the counter he was writing at. OMG...we all died laughing. He had to run outside because he couldn't control the laughter. So, that's what made me burst out laughing in the middle of the night. So crazy!
I then just started thinking about how many funny things we do at weddings...parties....etc.
This watercolor reminds me of all the crazy. LOL.
You can relate...right?

Have a great weekend,

My other job...
X-I don't feel so good.
Me-Oh feel really hot. Lets go home and straight to bed.
X-This means I can't play minecraft today.
Me-Just relax in the car and we will see how you feel after you sleep a little.
Me-What?'re just sick.
Me-Okay...please just relax and lets not talk on the way home. Please don't think you are going to die. You just feel really yucky and your fever is really high.
X-This means J is going to get all your kisses today...WaaaaHHHHHH.
Me-I'll give you double as soon as you are better. Now p l e a s e  just relax quietly.
X-PLEASE just take me straight to the EMERGENCY ROOM.

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