Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Close to your heart.

I've been in my sketch book today!
I've got some new ideas for the lockets that should be arriving any day=0)

Butterfly looking around a tomato plant. I love them in my garden, BUT the very hungry caterpillars are eating everything in sight!

Lavender...lavender...lavender!!! I just love the smell and I don't really mind the bees buzzing around=0)

Initials! This is a sketch of a cable knitted sweater. Who are you K1...P1 to? Who did you tie the knot with? It's just a fun idea!

I was just in Pasadena and took lots of pictures in a community garden. One of the most wonderful things I saw was a big plant full of artichokes. I had never seen them in person or maybe it never caught my eye before. Just LOVED it!!!!

Hope you have a sunny day!
Which locket would you love to have hanging close to your heart?

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