Friday, July 20, 2012

So fun

My lockets arrived!!!
I'm really excited to get them started. I've also been inspired by a documentary that I watched about birders. If you are like me and didn't know there was such a thing you should watch it. 
We will see what birds I come up with. I'm still not sure which ones I like best=0)

Kiss your peeps!

My other job.....
X-I can't wait to visit J!!!!!
Me-Here is your suitcase. Go ahead and pack two of each of everything.
5 minutes later
X-I'm all packed!!!! I think I'm an expert at this kinda stuff.
Me-Just go ahead and leave it in your room. I'll double check it later.
X-WHy??? I did it already.
Me-Okay, just leave it in your room.
X-Are you gonna double check it? I know you are going to do it. I know it. Why can't you just trust me? Just tell me right now. Are you going to?
Me-Can I talk? What was the first question again?
X-I'm just going to put it in the garage. Dad would just trust me and I don't know why you have to double check E  V  E  R  YTHING! What kind of mother doesn't trust her children? What is wrong with you????????????

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