Monday, July 16, 2012

Gimme a kiss

Having some fun in my sketch book today. I love seeing women with bright lipstick. I can not do this no matter how hard I try. My lips are just way too big and it takes over everything else. LOLLL! 

This summer got super busy, so I haven't had a chance to post much. I have been reading a lot of illustration books lately. We love the library around here=0) This lip sketch was one of the activities to practice, so I thought I'd start here. Maybe I'll work on some ears tomorrow! Practice makes perfect;o)

I ordered some new lockets, so I'll post on those once I get going. It has been a while since I made some and I just took a million photos at a community garden in Pasadena. I can't wait to draw them!

Kiss your peeps with bright lipstick=0)

My other job..........
Me-How does your leg feel?
X- Okay.
Me-I didn't even see any jelly fish out there.
X-I saw a medusa...pretty cool.
Me-What did it feel like? Did it burn?
X-It burns a lot, but the vinegar spray, a.k.a magic spray, made it feel WAY better.
Me-So, what was your favorite part of the day?
X-Being stung by the jelly fish!!
X-I got a totally awesome story now!!!!


  1. What an amazingly imaginative young boy, goes right along with his amazing mom! I still can figure out how he blew my cover. #medusarevealed

  2. Thank you #1! His imagination blows me away sometimes=0)


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