Thursday, July 26, 2012

You say tomatoe and I say tomaTOE

The school year is about to begin on August 1st and we will be going back to our normal schedules.
The summer started out wonderful, but by the last two weeks... OY.
So, everybody is feeling good and ready to get back to it.

My tomatoes are looking gorgeous!
I have been working in the garden and just loving every second of it=0)
Last night I was on the phone with one of my greatest friends of all and we were just giggling...giggling...giggling. I can't wait to fly out to see her soon! We stay in and eat Thai noodles and wash it down with wine=0) LOL! I am so lucky that my core group of girlfriends have been such wonderful friends...sisters really. We stick together like my gorgeous tomatoes=0)
So, I loved my tomatoes SO much I had to sketch them with watercolor pencils and ink. Now for dinner I'm going to cook them with salmon, garlic, lemon, wine and olive oil. SOOOOO delish!!

Kiss your peeps!

My other job....
Me-I'm so glad to be home! My garden needs water BAD.
X-Do you think tomorrow morning we can clean up in the garden and talk.
Me-Yes, we really need to do that.
X-I'm so glad J is feeling better. 
Me-Me too and Dr.S said he will see J Thursday to take out the stitches.
X-I think she is going to scream!
Me-He said it doesn't hurt at all.
X-Hmmmm.....       Do I get a quarter for helping in the garden tomorrow?
Me-Yep. Are you going to charge me for the conversation too?
X-I can do that?

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