Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Paper fun

Are you all ready?
We have been doing a lot of fun stuff at home, but no gift shopping!
I will have to hit the stores soon...that's all I can say about that. 
Now back to the fun part=0)
We have a ton of chocolate gold coins and no where to store them besides our tummies. We figured it would be fun to tuck some in some paper stockings and then hang them on the tree. Or...you can put them on top of gifts. Either way...hey...they got chocolate/goodies inside them.

Lets start.
We have some standard colored paper and we used this whole punch, so we can stitch it together.

Now we had to pick out our yarn colors. We used two strands.

We just tied a little knot on both ends and started running it through.

Keep it going....

Just tie knots on the back side when you finish with all the yarn.

Next we used glitter foam tape. We found this at the craft store. 

Make whatever design you want on the front side.

Now we are going to decorate the top of the stocking with paper. This is just standard paper you stuff in gift bags. Cut it into small squares.

Now just use a pencil and put the paper on top of the eraser.

Wrap it all around the pencil to shape it.

Put a little craft glue on it.

Turn the pencil over and stick it on the paper stocking. 

Voila! Now you can make as many rows as you want.

There ya go. 

They are ready for goodies.

Kiss you peeps.

My other job....
X-I can't wait to be on vacation.
Me-You're gonna be ALL mine for two weeks. GULP!!!
X-Why do you always do the GULP part?
Me-It just sounds funny and I'm trying to make you laugh. Okay...I'll stop doing the GULP!
X-Do whatever your heart tells you.

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