Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stop to smell the roses

I have a friend that embroiders awesome.
One day we went to an embroidery shop and WOW...they are not messing around in there. I was so inspired to make something, but I couldn't pick anything out. They had so many wonderful kits and the thread colors. I though I'd take a baby step and paint one first=0) I'm still working on this one, but I'm almost done. To all you out there that love embroidery...hope you like my version.

Kiss your peeps!

My other job....

X-Hi mama.
Me-HEY! How was the karate tournament?
Me-Wanna tell me about it? How was the sparring?
X-I'm pretty proud of myself.
Me-Me too. I don't think I'd like that.
X-Why? Why are you so scared all the time? It was fun, but my six pack hurts from the intensity of the sparring.
Me-That's why!!!
X-You don't even have a six you don't even know.

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