Thursday, February 28, 2013

Moving right along

I'm still working on my Cinque Terre watercolor.
I really would like to dip my toes in there =0)
Imagine....floating in one of those boats...dipping your toes...oversized sunglasses.
AHHHHHH. Summer is right around the corner.


My other job...
X-Today in art class everyone was talking about you.
Me-Uhhhhh....good or bad?
X-Good! Everyone was remembering when you were our art teacher. Do you remember that? I was in first grade.
Me-Yes, we had a fun year. I'm so happy to hear that they enjoyed it. That really makes me feel happy.
X-Yeah.....they think you are a good artist.
Me-Wow, tell them that I say THANK YOU for the compliment.
X-I'll try to remember, but I'll probably forget.

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