Monday, February 18, 2013

Enjoying the blossoms

It's almost Spring time around here. I went knitting with my ladies yesterday and the weather was just gorgeous. We sat outside and sipped on some yummy coffee. This winter has been chilly, but there is no snow anywhere near here...ok, maybe about an hour from here=0) So, I was watering my plants and picking oranges and just checking out all the little blossoms. They are so cute. I have a few trees I planted last year and honestly...I thought I killed them. Kinda like my poor hydrangeas that just never seem to make it! I'll try again this Spring. The tenth times a charm!!! So, I was sketching last night before bed. Already dreaming of beautiful Spring time.

I'm dreaming up some new Spring lockets and earrings.
What would you like to see for my new pieces?

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My other job....
X-Don't freak out but a dog peed on my new sleeping bag.
Me-What? Really? There was a dog at ninja night?
X-Listen...someone showed up and their dogs went on a total rampage and then they told me that there was pee on my sleeping bag.
Me-Ok. Really? There was a dog in the dojo?
Me-Okay, I'll wash it.
X-I'm so glad you didn't freak out. Now.........I didn't go to sleep until 4am.

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