Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pretty flowers

Yesterday, we were out exploring and we bumped into an art supply store...and gelato too.
I had to go inside and check out some thing, since they were having a huge sale;oP
So, I found some fun stuff. Some new paper, markers and paint.
Last night I made a little sketch and had a little fun adding a little ink.

There were SO many pretty flowers downtown yesterday, so it just added to my Spring fever.

Kiss your peeps.

My other job...
Me-How is your report coming?
Me-Lets work on it some more.
Me-Where did you put it? It's not on your clip board.
X-Hmmmm.........I just don't remember.
Me-(After looking for 10 minutes) I can't find it anywhere. Can you remember when you last saw it?
X-Nope. Oh well, I'm gonna get an F now.
Me-It has to be somewhere. I found so many things....even a note to the tooth fairy.
X-What did it say?
Me-We need to find that report.
X-I'll just get an F.

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