Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't talk to strangers

This weekend we watched The Lion Witch In The Wardrobe with my son. He LOVES the books and so it was time to watch. He was really interested in that ice witch. How she would just make anything appear. THOSE TURKISH DELIGHTS AND HOT CHOCOLATE.
Those promises to rule Narnia.... know what happens next=0/
 It was a fun and magical movie to watch. He really enjoyed it and staying up late made it even more exciting.

My other job....
Me-See...she lies. Some strangers are nice and some trick you.
X-What are Turkish delights?
Me-Like a jello treat with sweet powder on top.
X-Are they good?
Me-A stranger may offer you any type of sweet candy. 
X-I get that part already. I'm just really interested in trying those Turkish delights.

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