Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I started a lettering class.
        Lettering is done by's not a font. Who would of known that? Not me. Anyways....
Our first assignment was to pick something special to write.
So, I decided I'd start with something short and sweet.
One day I was struggling to quickly get on a Disney bus with a stroller, a baby, a cooler full of drinks and snacks, plus four sweaters. Lets just say I was...a little frazzled. As I was about to get on I made eye contact with an older gentleman. We smiled at each other and he quietly said...enjoy it. He made me feel like he knew my struggle. Like he had been in that exact situation. He was kind enough to get my attention quietly and to remind me to roll with the punches. Message was received and I ended up enjoying that magical Disney day.

Enjoy your matter what=0)


  1. Thanks for teaching me something new :) Before I also thought lettering was a font ;)
    I like the shape of your letters. Was this your finished project?

    1. HI. Thanks for visiting me here=0)

      We are still working on our final project. We still have to upload and do some computer magic.
      I'm so glad you like mine.



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