Monday, March 25, 2013

Magical garden

I'm hoping you had a nice weekend.
 It was so beautiful here and it was REALLY time to clean up the garden. It always amazes me how quickly weeds can take over. Our little gnome was in desperate need of a bubble bath=0)
After spending so much time outside I was inspired. 
I would love a magical garden that was always filled with blooms.
A quick getaway for a cup of tea and a scone. Mmmmmmmm.

(Valentino dress)

What will you plant this year? I think I'm going to add some more hydrangeas. The 10th time is a charm...right?!

My other job....
X-Who wants to play handball? Who wants to play handball? Who wants to play handball? Mom?
Me-Ughhhhh. I just ate lunch. Gimme five minutes to let it settle.
X-Come on Mom.
Me-In five minutes sweetie.
X-OH my gosh...I'M SO LONELY.
Me-I'm still standing right here.
X-Oh...Are you ready to play now?!!!!
Me-It's only been like 20 seconds.

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