Friday, March 22, 2013

Glitter in the air

It's Friday. You know what that MEANS...GLITTER.
I also made a  VINE  to capture the nail biting action;oP

I thought I'd try some lettering today. I started the background wet and dropped in the color. It's so fun to watch it mix in with the other colors. After that, I let it completely dry before doing the lettering and stars. I only used ink to sign my name, so it REALLY took a lot of patience=0)
You can see the process on vine.


My other job....
X-I think I'm going to throw up!!!
Me-Go to the bathroom and I'll get a towel....................
(He's laying down in his room)
Me-Are you okay? How do you feel. You don't feel hot. I brought you a trash can. Here's some water too.
X-I just have a bad case of the hiccups.


  1. Your illustration looks so whimsical! I love it

    1. Thank you so much. I day dream a lot=0)


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