Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Work it

Yesterday I had a lot of fun taking a fashion illustration class.
Most of my drawings are usually very controlled and sometimes I want to break free from that=0)
Kinda like I had a glass of wine, but didn't actually drink and draw.
So, yesterday I was sketching...sketching...sketching.
Sometimes I was happy with the result and sometimes I wanted to throw my paper out the window. 
It has taken me a LONG time to understand that you have to have a solid sketch. Paint won't fix it. I finally got it when I read an illustration book that told me that.
The book said to draw EVERYTHING. So, I try to and I feel that it has helped. I really love learning tips from artists. Some will give them and others won't. So, I really use my q-tips when I know I will be around one=0)
So here are a few sketches....the ones that didn't end up down my hill.

Last night I was ready to put it on watercolor paper. 

There she goes down the cat walk. I think it turned out looking fun.


My other job...
X-Can you help me draw this girl for my comic book.
X-The face looks wrong.
Me-I'll try it again.
X-Can you make it facing the other way?
X-I guess it's ok. You should work on faces more.

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