Monday, April 8, 2013


 Hope you had a great weekend. We went to see a butterfly jungle exhibit at the San Diego Safari Zoo. Let me tell you that there were SO many gorgeous ones flying around. One landed on my head for a moment and I think it was one of my happiest moments in my life. I have a few pictures that I posted on my instagram @cieloazuljewel account. It was a large blue morpho...MY FAVORITE. 
You can only imagine how many flowers were everywhere.
I had to start a new watercolor.

Just for the record....I LOVE P!NK.
She's in the works...I saw her in a magazine and had to paint her=0)
Don't you wish you could wear a rose pedal wig?
Okay...maybe JUST me=0P
I was just listening to her latest song the whole time I was working on it.


  1. I love the softness of your illustration!
    I have a perfect song for it:

    P.S. I'm totally crazy about Pink's song.. obsessed about it actually!

    1. Your song is perfect for it!!! Thanks for sharing the link=0)

      I'm so glad you like my illustration. It's moving along=0)

      Have a great night!

  2. Cielo,
    The butterfly landing on your head reminds me of a humming bird landing on my daughters flitting its feet in her hair, it was the same magic you felt. A beautiful message to hold onto. My daughter also went to a butterfly jungle with her class many years ago and still has awwww! Moments about her experience with them.

    The water colour is amazing her flower wig and al. What are you planning to do with her when she is done. I bet she would look great hanging in a vanity area :)

    Thank you my sweet California friend for taking the time to grace my place leaving a most beautiful comment.
    Let the butterfly's, inspire your weekend, I could see you water coloring them cutting them out and hanging them mid air flying around in your daughters room then you can visit them often.

    Beautiful day and inspiring weekend to you.



Who doesn't love a colorful message? Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day=0)