Friday, April 5, 2013

On a journey

Sometimes we float around in life.
Just go with the flow, but we feel that something is missing. 
People often ask me how I discovered my love for watercolor.
Most artists will tell you that they have been painting since they were children. That is not the case with me. I started painting about ten years ago. Did I draw much as a kid? I colored with crayons, but that's about it. It was something fun to do, but I didn't do it every day. 
I started my journey in my 20's. I decided that I wanted to sew. I went to Barnes and Noble and got the biggest book on sewing. It had a ton of pictures and so that made things easier. I'm very visual, so I need to see LOTS of pictures=0) I then saw a friend knitting during our lunch break. I had to know how that worked. It looked so interesting. BACK to Barnes and Noble....
These two hobbies I REALLY enjoyed, but one day I decided to finally take a watercolor class.
Hmmmm...just thought it would be interesting. After my first class I needed to know more. This time I went to the library. I think I checked out every watercolor book they had. I couldn't stop looking at all those pictures and reading about it. My next class my teacher was so shocked. She encouraged me to keep working and keep going to the library. That was TEN years ago. I still go to the library every week. More and more books. So, if you find yourself on a journey to find something you love, I'd suggest to try many things. Go to the library and look around and just grab anything that interests you. You just never know what may turn into your greatest love.


My other job....
Me-How was your visit?
Me-What did you do?
X-Uhhhh...I played some video games.
Me-Great, what else?
X-Uhhh....more video games.
Me-Did you play with your yo-yos I packed?
X-A little bit.
Me-How about your books?

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