Monday, April 15, 2013

Strike a pose...

Happy Monday.
Hope you had a fun and warm weekend=0)
I was able to sketch a little over the weekend. We had gone to see a butterfly exhibit(weekend before) and I was thrilled when they take your photo. ALL of us in one picture...COME ON. So exciting and I was trying my best to look natural and not smile too much....or look like a pirate. When we picked up the photo my husband said he wasn't sure if he wanted to get it. I was's got ALL of us in it. We grabbed it and paid WAY too much for everything, but I was pretty jazzed. 
I finally thought I'd LOOK at it and when I saw it...LOL...LOL...LOL...
The kids faces. Bunny ears. Just craziness. Attitude.
At that moment my husband and I looked at each other and said it was worth EVERY penny for that "family photo" that I just HAD to buy.
So last night I did a quick sketch of my little one and of course her brother stuck his fingers in the mix=0) I ended up making a little bookmark. 
Isn't that just too funny? 

Hope you have a silly week.


My other job....
Me-All you have to do is come in the car with me.
X-I don't want to get out.
Me-You don't have to. I'm just picking up avocados and they are on their front porch.
X-I can just wait in the car.
X-I might die without air in the car.
Me-I'm just going to walk up to the door and turn around and come back. I'm not going inside, otherwise you'd HAVE to come with me.
X-UGh...whose house.
Me-The McP's.
X-OMG...I want to get out and see T. Can we make time to just play a little bit and maybe play his Wii? Can we? Mama...CAN WE?

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