Monday, April 29, 2013


It's Monday...already.
Remember the last time you started something new. 
The excitement...sweat...maybe even a couple of tears?
That is every day life for a little one. Yet, we expect them to just JUMP IN. Don't be nervous, shy, or even scared.
 I think my tiny ballerina is excited, but still a little shy about her first class. 
I had a lot of fun painting this watercolor. Mostly the skirt part=0)

It's Monday. Maybe you will be inspired to be a beginner at something today.


My other job....
J-I wanna go home.
Me-We can leave as soon as your class is over.
J-I don't like swimming. And I'm feeling a little bit shy.
Me-You still need to learn how to swim and look how great you are doing. You are okay. 
J-I don't want to swim without my goggles. I don't like it.
Me-He's just trying to show you what it's like. In case you fall into water on accident. He's preparing you know what it's like.
J-(crying...crying...crying)Okay, how many more minutes? 
Me-About 15 minutes.
J-Then I'm never coming back.


  1. How freakin' cute is J :) :) :) and a thousand more smiles!
    P.S. beautiful illustration as always

  2. Thank you! She is not liking it, but she did have a great class the last time we went. I think I sweat more than she does. Hahahaaa!


    1. How old is J? Kids are so cute with their unique and adorable way of thinking :)

  3. She is 4yrs old. Never a dull moment=0)


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