Thursday, May 2, 2013

Maybe NOT

Hope you are having a fantastic week.
Today I was going through my sketch book. I found a sketch of the weekend we went to the butterfly exhibit. I was sketching my boy and his funny pose, BUT we also needed to make his teacher a birthday card. I added a few birthday items and thought he'd be thrilled...
He was like...just staring at it and then he looked at me(I had on a super duper smiley face).
No thanks mama.
I tried, but he wanted to make a comic for her.
What was I thinking?!!!! LOL.

Have a great day.

My other job...
X-LOOK at all these stars.
Me-WHOA, you had excellent behavior today.
X-Okay, so when E comes over we get to have computer time.
X-WHAT.  That was the DEAL.
Me-That was your deal. You know E doesn't get computer time. I'm sorry, but I have to respect her family rules.
X-UGHHHHH, but I'll do everything and E will just watch.
Me-Sorry. I know you want to show her your First in Math stuff, but the answer is still no.
X-What if she wears your eye cover and just listens to it?


Who doesn't love a colorful message? Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day=0)