Monday, June 17, 2013

Cherry on TOP

Did you all have a great Father's Day?
Sorry I'm late on this one. We got a little carried away planning everything with the little ones.
We started with french toast...that was SO good. I think especially good because we got carried away with the powdered sugar=0P's only once a year...right?!
We decided at the same time to start a Scrabble(word game) challenge.
Boys vs. Girls
This ended up being the funniest game we have ever played ALL together.
Maybe that's why I loved it so much;oP
We went to the pool for a couple hours and then had a very nice dinner at home with family.
We had a great time being EXTRA nice to the dads in our life.
AND we made them a super awesome ice cream sundae with a cherry on TOP.

Hope you all have a wonderful day,

My other job...
Me-Are you going to canon ball off the diving board?
X-I just wanna hang in the hot tub.
Me-Okay, lets get in.
X-I can't do it.
Me-You just said you wanted to.
X-That little baby girl is in there...ALONE.
Me-We can still go in.
X-We'd be breaking the safety rules and I can't be a part of that.
Me-Come on.
X-I can't believe you aren't following the rules and you're a mother.
Me-I'm not her mother. I'm your mother and we can go in.

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