Monday, June 10, 2013

End of year FUN

We are quickly getting to the end of the school year. Everyone is going to prom and getting ready for graduation ceremonies. I can not get over how quickly this school year has just zoomed by me. I DO enjoy going to all the fun parties and seeing teenagers out having a fancy dinner before their BIG prom. I seriously love seeing them all dressed up and looking so excited to be out.  They all look so great…I just love that. I was surprised to see some kids posing for pictures with a professional photographer. WHAT FUN. I did notice white prom dresses that were very pretty and they had on very colorful accessories. It was really cute. I really liked the red prom dresses that I saw. I'm thinking that I may NEED to get a RED dress for at least one of my trips. You just never know when you may need to get all fancy. Back in the day when I had prom…we loved some SERIOUS color. LOL. Yes, you can imagine me with my royal purple ruffled prom dress. YES… LOL. Anyways, it was fun to see them all out with their super runway gorgeous dresses. Looks like prom is getting bigger and better each year. Now we are also getting all the teachers gifts together and writing them sweet notes so they know how much we appreciate all their hard work…AND PATIENCE. It's also time to say goodbye to all our friends that are moving away=0( Such a bummer, but we are really happy that we got to know them and we wish them all the best. The good part is that now we have a few more places to go visit and explore. As for us, we have TONS of stuff planned this year. YAY. I'm super excited about all the fun we have planned for our summer break. We only have seven weeks, but they are packed to the brink of destruction. We are visiting so many friends and family. Now that the little ones are getting bigger, WE ARE READY TO BRING ON THE FUN. I will be posting photos on instagram all summer long…in case you want to take a peek. We are all stocked up on sun block, flip flops, towels. What else could we possibly need? I'm also packing up all my paints and brushes for our trips away. We will see if they survive the occasional canon balls off the diving boards. Hmmm, that thought just gave me heart palpitations=0) Maybe I will just stick to painting inside…or just away from the pool. HA. It's going to be fun. Hopefully you all have some fun plans too. I'd love to hear about them=0)  I need to go and find myself a fun RED dress(*fingers crossed*).

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