Friday, June 14, 2013


It's Friday.
It feels like I should be jumping on a train...IT'S FRIDAY.
The only train I'll be jumping on is my newest watercolor. I was inspired by a photo that I saw on (@123los)instagram. I just love how she is patiently waiting and looking fabulous at the same time=0)
To watch me painting the red coat click here. 
So, today I will be working on her and dreaming of NYC.
I better go put my name plate on=0)


My other job...
X-YOU forgot to buy me the latest Captain Underpants book.
Me-Uh...there is a new one? came out in January 2013. YOU forgot.
Me-I don't ever remember knowing. LOL. You are in luck, we just got our $5.00 coupon for the reading club.
X-Okay for the important question.
Me-Oh boy. What?
X-Are you paying or am I? Let me just say that I think you should...SINCE YOU TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT IT.

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