Friday, June 28, 2013


As you know, I just returned from vacation. We were up in Northern California for a wonderful week visiting family and friends. I was lucky enough to meet up with several great friends. All of them I truly love and feel SO lucky to be a part of their lifes. I’ve known them all for over twenty five plus years. WOW….when I put it that way=0) I saw them each on different days, so that I could have the FULL dose of each one. LOL. As I enjoyed my time with them I kept thinking about different parts of my life that I’ve enjoyed with them. From the drama, parties, basketball games, cheerleading camp and proms. Who could forget the one shoulder bridesmaid dresses and THE COCKTAILS. So much time has passed…yet I still feel 21;oP The wonderful thing is we still crack each other up. It seriously doesn’t matter what we are talking about or if we’re crying…we are laughing. Laughter is the best medicine…RIGHT? Yes, there are moments where we all have had our ugly cry faces on, but we can ALWAYS count on each other.  So, when I did see them each we mostly laughed. Yes, we all should have been comedians. We always get the laugh and there are never ANY crickets in the room. I wish we could have been this way in  grade school, junior high and high school. Yes, I’ve known them all a very long time. LOL. Boy could they tell you stories about me. And boy could I tell you stories about them, BUT they are in the vault…sorry. Meeting with them made me think about what makes someone SO beautiful? Really…what?  Their face…body…hair?  When I spent time with each of them, they were just so beautiful to me. What was it exactly? Their smiles…laughter…joy. THAT’S IT. I’ve finally cracked the code. It makes me only want to paint about laughter all day. Who would not want to? Seeing other peoples joy makes me happy. Adding color and lots of it makes me feel like I’m showing all the happiness…the power of the glow=0)  So, the last couple of days I’ve been splashing around in watercolor. Trying to get it just right. Trying to show all the beauty that laughter brings to the people you share it with. Who wants to be around a grump? Sometimes…it happens and I’m just so blessed to have the greatest friends to lift me up. Hope my painting shows all the joy that laughter makes me feel.

Hope you have a great weekend,

My other job....
X-Do you think they have banana cream pie in heaven?
Me-Of course they do!
X-Do you think Mema is okay.
Me-Yes, I'm sure she is doing just fine.
X-I'm just wondering if she found her husband. Heaven must be a BIG place.
Me-He must of been there as soon as she arrived. 
X-Who else?
Me-Hopefully everyone she loved that got there before her.
X-I think the first thing I'll do is eat the endless supply of banana cream pie!


  1. Your illustration reflects perfectly your happiness :D

    1. You are so sweet. I'm glad you think so=0)


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