Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer in watercolors.

My summer 2013 pieces are complete and I'm really happy with them. I get a lot of custom orders for shells, so I thought I'd make a whole lot! They are all available in my Etsy shop

                          Tulip Egg Case

I fell madly in love with a photo that I saw of this VERY unique shell. I wish I could find one of these! The pattern and texture is so beautiful and challenging to paint. I hand painted this shell on Aqvarelle Arches paper and l'Aquarelle Semellier watercolors. I added a little Del Mar sand to the edges of the painting before I sealed it. I wire wrapped semi precious lavender pearls with copper wire. The necklace has a cute little silver shell charm and a shell charm. It measures 19" inches in length including pendant.


Inspired from all the beauty of the sea I painted this orange shell. Can you imagine outgrowing your shell and having to find another one? I just had to hand paint this beauty and I added a little Del Mar sand to the corners. The illustration is on Aqvarelle Arches paper and l'Aquarelle Sennelier watercolors. The wire wrapped stones are two labradorite and one sea foam colored. The large green stone is called chrysoprase and is stunning. The necklace measures 21"in length including the pendant.


I was inspired to paint this little starfish because I just love how special they are. I love seeing them whenever I go to an aquarium. The texture is so beautiful to me. So many details and colors, so it makes it very fun to paint. I also added a little sand to the corners before I sealed painting. A little Del Mar sand to dream about the sea. I painted this little beauty on Aqvarelle Arches paper using l'Aquarelle Sennelier watercolors. The wire wrapped beautiful multi colored pieces of glass compliment the art work perfectly. The necklace measures 22", including the pendant.


This coral necklace is a little piece of the quiet world below the waves. I dream about snorkeling in Bora Bora again one day. I must first work on my French and fear of sharks=0) I carefully hand painted this little piece of art on Aqvarelle Arches paper and l'Aquarelle Sennelier watercolor paints. The stones are wire wrapped multi colored glass. The antique silver colored chain measures 21" in length, including the pendant. There is a cute little seahorse on the chain. I added some sand from Del Mar, California to the corners of the artwork before I sealed it


I've got the sea on my mind. I just love searching for shells and sea glass. Doesn't it feel like you've found a piece of gold when you find a special shell? Even if it's broken I still add it to my sea jar at home. I was inspired to paint a little abalone shell and I carefully sealed it in the beautiful pendant. I did add a little sand from Del Mar in the corners...just a little California sparkle. On the chain I wire wrapped nine labradorite stones. I loves these stones because they have a blue hue to them. The necklace measures 23" in length, including the pendant.

Hope you like them=0)

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