Monday, June 3, 2013

That's what friends are for.

The other day I was day dreaming about weddings. Not for myself, but for one of my girlfriends that is single. She is a fabulous catch and so I’m always keeping ideas in my head for her wedding. I mean….you just never know when lightning will strike the heart! She may be walking somewhere and drop something and then BOOM…a gentlemen may reach down and pick it up for her. You just never know. So, ideas are always swirling in my head for future reference=0) I’m sure you are wondering what all my thoughts on hair, sexy wedding dresses and shoes are. There are a lot of choices and so I just think it’s my responsibility to keep her up to date whenever she may happen to ask for my opinion. YES…I won’t present anything before being asked=0) I SWEAR. I HAVE thought of short bridesmaid dresses that she would just love to have us all wear. Again…it will just be a suggestion that I make. She won’t mind and don’t worry that she may think I’ve given it a little too much thought. We go WAY back to 7th grade. I mean, she has been dealing with me since my bad 80’s hair perms. Now, let me just tell you what I’ve been thinking about so far. She is very tall and has a gorgeous back. She is also gorgeous in front, but she has been known to wear open back dresses. I’m thinking that she has to show that off when she is wearing her lovely gown. She will look stunning and maybe she can have her hair with large curls. It would be more of a statement hairdo. Then she can wear a veil if she wants, but she won’t HAVE to. Hopefully she will like my ideas because I’ve really been giving it some thought for the last few….anyways that doesn’t really matter=0) Nails are super easy because anything looks good. Most people have very calm colors and I think that will look nice. Pastels are very pretty and they just about have every shade available. Now we are getting to the shoes! Okay, I am fully aware that most dresses cover your entire shoe. I still think the shoes should be as beautiful as the dress. Will it break the budget? Probably, BUT…it just has to be done. Just think of it that way. Just has to be done and then you won’t talk yourself out of getting the ones you REALLY love. I am the queen of talking myself out of stuff and so that is why I say this. So…now I think I’m ready for whenever love sweeps her off her feet. I mean…we can pull it together in like…30 days. I’m just sayin’. What are friends for…RIGHT?!


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