Monday, April 26, 2010

So sweet

Hola!  Happy Monday=0)  First of all I would like to thank my dear friend Flaviana!
She was SO SWEET to talk about my painting in her latest post!!  Muchas gracias!

Now I love to bake and I use to work at a bakery when I was a teenager, so I REALLY love the creations of my friend Charmaine at Casa de Cupcakes!
PLEASE check out her website, she is incredible.

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, little Miss Olivia!!!!!!  Isn't she just something else?
Everything is edible and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO me, LOL!

Doesn't this sushi look so delicious?  It's hard to believe it isn't REALLY sushi.

Just gorgeous work......I just love it so much and I love when I get invited to a party and she has made the cake!!!


Okay, so growing up I always had a favorite cake.  Yes, it was 4th grade and I had a Miss Piggy cake.  They had airbrushed her on the top and my favorite part was that they made her eye makeup purple(my favorite)and with GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just about died when my Mama took it out of the box.  Can you imagine if my Mama would of pulled out one of these babies?!!!

Have a sweet week mis amigas!!!

My other job.........
X-Bye Mama, I'm going to Africa.
Me-I'll miss you.
X-Hello Mrs. Carol.  My name is WallE and I'll be your guest tonight.
Me-Oh!  Hello, I hope you are hungry.  I'm almost finished making dinner.
X-Ummmmm, I don't know if you know that today is my birthday.
X-Yes, we need to have a party for me and we have butterfly cupcakes.
Me-You need to have dinner and then I'll put a candle on one of them.
X-On my planet we don't need dinner, just cupcakes.

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  1. those are some pretty amazing cakes i must say..always been a fan of people who can create masterpieces out of food. I can't lol...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. Doing the same =)
    Have a wonderful mothers day!


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