Saturday, April 3, 2010

A few new things this Spring

I have been getting things together for Spring and my party.  I started listing everything on Etsy and I'm already exhausted, LOL!  I picked a few things, so you can see what I've been working on.  Above is a crochet brooch that is made from wool and cotton.  It also has a syn.quartz and you all should know I love swarovski crystals.  Yes, I know I'm not in 4th grade anymore, but I just can't help myself=0)

I'm just now starting to make flat note cards using prints of my original Spring watercolors.  I gift wrap everything I sell and now you can get a note card to send with your gift, or just purchase note cards alone.  I think these are a lot of fun, but my favorite is of "El Rey".  I have a feeling I'm going to sell out of those and one little chimichanga is going to be laughing all the way to Legoland to buy another Bionicle, LOL!

This crochet flower is made from cotton, but I did use one of my felted balls for the center.  It also has a syn. quarts in the center.  I just really love the color of that stone.  This is meant to be worn as a brooch and I've been hiding it from my Mama.  Yes, I know her too well and I know that somehow she will make me believe that she will die without completing her outfit with this brooch=0)

The felted belt buckle has made it onto the scene!  I took a really great picture of me wearing this and now I can't find it in my files, BLAH!  If you are curious, PLEASE visit my Facebook Cielo Azul Jewelry page!  It REALLY looks cute on....I promise=0P

I also made a couple of crochet cuffs!  You see, this is my problem......  I was born with VERY large feet and hands.  REALLY!  My knuckles almost hit the ground when I'm walking.  The very long torso did help out with carrying my butter balls and I didn't look too crazy, LOL!  Anyways, I can NEVER just buy a bulky bracelet.  Yes, BOOOOO!  That is so wrong, but it's true.  I always try and I just can't get it to go past my thumb, SO here is my version.  I can just slip this on and I'm gone.  I've gotten lots of looks and smiles while I wear mine, but that could mean anything, LOL!

I still have TONS of pieces to work on before my big party, but I'm working on it.  Slowly, I will get it all together for the big EXTRAVAGANZA.  Thank goodness it's still 3 weeks away, LOL!

In one week I will be announcing my EXTRAVAGANZA giveaway for one of my lucky bloggers!!!!! What will it be?!
Start following me now and leave me a comment and you will get an extra chance to win!

Maybe Toa Matanui?

Maybe a watercolor?
Look at my Etsy shop and tell me what you would want!

My other job...............
Me-Wow!  Can you believe that you are now on Spring break for two weeks?
X-Yes, I need more bags.
X-Yes, I'm outta here!  
Me-Are you sure you won't miss us when you go to Tito and Tita's(my parents)house?
X-No, I told you already.  I'm going to play Uno, Trouble, Go-fish, and a lot of other games.  Tita makes all the food I love and she lets me watch t.v. in bed.
Me-Okay, but I want you to know that I'm REALLY going to miss you a lot.  Remember that you can call me anytime and I will pick you up.
X-I NEED MORE BAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. HA!!!!! I love your new stuff!!!! And I love Xavi's comments. BAGS!!!!!! STAT!!!!!!

  2. Gracias=0) I dropped off the boy and he asked me to leave 5 times(sniff, sniff, sniff).


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