Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A piece of the pie GIVEAWAY!

I was lucky enough to have family come over to visit today and they requested I make an apple pie.  I really enjoy to bake and who doesn't like pie?  So, here I go with the apples!

These apples were so nice and plump, so I just had to get them.  I also had a little helper in the kitchen today.  It was challenging at times chopping and holding my little helper, but I had no choice.  Yep, she was running the show today.

We added sugar and spice and everything was going as planned.  No one got injured(me!) while making this pie.

It was crust time and I have a REALLY easy recipe that I really like to use with all my pies.

It was a lot of fun mixing this all up, but then my helper started eating the goods!  OH LORD!

I don't think she thought there was a problem with eating as many apple slices as long as I wasn't complaining about it.  So, this went on for a little bit...........
That is when it finally hit me!!!

Everyone wants a piece of the pie!  So, I was inspired to paint just that for my giveaway!

First place can pick this watercolor or any of the other watercolors I've posted in the past(except "El Rey").

Second place gets 6 of my flat notecards with matching envelopes.

My little helper is wishing you luck!  So, tell EVERYONE you know to join in on the fun.  Follow me and please leave a comment to enter to win! The winner will be announced the day after the extravaganza on Sunday, April 25th.
Buena suerte!

My other job...........
Me-I have been missing you so much this week.(pretending to cry)
X-Why do you cry so much?  Are you sad that I don't miss you?
Me-I was just joking, but I do miss you.  It's okay that you don't miss me yet.
X-I have a lot more days to stay with Tito and Tita, so I hope you don't just sing your sad songs the whole time I'm gone.
Me-LOL!  You don't like me singing?
X-Why is it always such a sad melody?  I'll be back soon, but AFTER the two weeks!  I'm ALL Tita's now.  Bye......
Me-.....................he hung up on me, LOL!


  1. well you know I'm entering! If I can't win a real pie, then I'm going to vote for one of these original McD watercolors~ the one behind your title, or red poppies, or the bird. But of course, I think El Rey is the bees knees too :) You go Xavi! I'll post about your giveaway on my blog too!

  2. Your little helper is so sweet and I love the dialog that you had with your little guy. So sweet!

  3. Carol
    you're an artist! a truly talented one!
    You're blog is such an happy place I want to stay here a good while!
    Obviously I'm in for the giveaway, your paintings are just divine and the cards too
    I hope we can stay in touch now that we're blog-friends!
    P.S. I love reading your "my other job" lines,, so funny and sweet!

  4. Count me in! Beautiful art and great crafts. Your daughter is so adorable!! :)
    I am following you too. Thank you for following me and your sweet comment!
    Gros bisous

  5. How cute are your kids!!! Thanks for all your kind comments it's great to meet you! My husbands favorite it Apple Pie a la mode, I may have to make some tonight.
    Take care

  6. Hi, really are an artist! Never stop creating, even making apple pie is creating, you know? I would love one of your pieces, they are enchanting. Much success to you, and your darling little one is just simply precious.

  7. I love your paintings. Your little girl looks so much like one that I take care of. Aren't they such big helpers.

  8. i would love to win any of your paintings, but especially the bird on the jar. it would be perfect for my house! i'm a new follower. :)


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