Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring break and lots of fun

Spring break this year was two weeks long, GULP!  Well, the first week, my little man was with my parents.  He insisted that he would stay two weeks, but he suddenly got a case of homesickness.  So, we have been running around.......jump on!

                     Watercolor pencil class was first on the list.

Mr. Grouchy Pants/robot man was the first project.  It was a lot of fun before bedtime, but didn't last very long, LOL!

Next up......Balboa Park!  There are so many great things to do here, so brace yourself.  Lunch started with Jamba Juice and sandwiches, but somebody only ended up drinking their smoothie.  Yeah, lets just say I looked "second trimester" after eating BOTH lunches(burp!).  Lord forbid I throw one old school, LOL!

Outside the Fleet science museum we saw Navy joggers and I probably should of joined them.
Step right up and slowly spin the wheel.......  Lots of cool balls get released and you can only imagine the noise!!!  NONE!  I couldn't believe it.
Here are all the different patterns that waves can make.....I had no idea there could be so much going on.
Where the ball will end up....nobody knows!!!  It was fun moving the air tube below and watching the ball float around.
All the kids went absolutely crazy for this!!!  Imagine marbles and out of control kids throwing more and more in......super fun=0)
The next room was a building block room, but if they have a disco ball.........I NEED TO HAVE MY 40TH BIRTHDAY HERE!!!!!!!!!!  10 MORE MONTHS BABY, LOLLLLLLL!!!!!
                          So, the building began and so much concentration is required.
                                         Serious business is going on here.
                     I had a Brady Bunch moment here with my bracelet!!!!!
Stress.................................DO NOT KNOCK IT OVER!!!!!
Our feet during concentration, but mostly our cool shoes lighting up because we were so nervous.
No lights here, but still very nervous and my nose is getting itchy!

Yeah, we got kicked out(not really) and decided we would take you on a tour of this amazing park.  See the clock tower@12 o'clock.  
                                     X made a new friend right under my nose.  
                If I wasn't so full, I would of had a TAMALE, yumOH!
Lets make a wish for another great day like this......just the two of us on a date.
Now, lets see what is going on in the park.  Sooooo much to see and do.

Time to go home and make dinner.  Thank goodness for grandmothers watching my other monster.

Today we went to run a quick errand....BEFORE Legoland.....  URBAN BARN !!!!!!
I would of loved this for my garden, but X said it was "too many dollars, Papa will be mad".
I was looking for a mirror, book shelves, bench, shutters......the list goes on, but the EXTRAVAGANZA is a week away!!!!

                    I found everything I needed, but WANTED so much more!!!!!

Taaaahhhhh daaahhhhh....  That's all she wrote.

My other job........
X-When I'm alone with Papa, he lets me do whatever I want.
X-He lets me get milk and apple fries and nothing else.
Me-Well, you need to eat some lunch, before dessert.
X-Did you hear my words?


  1. Carol,you're having a busy time uh?' but it looks such fun!!!
    Your kids are lovely and so happy-looking!!
    Enjoy your weekend my friend
    xx Flaviana

  2. How fun!!! What a great date! Love the Urban Barn. Oh my, we'll have to come visit so that you can take me there!!!! I love the Jan Brady bracelet incident. So funny, and I remember that episode perfectly.

  3. I loved your blog. First time here, and decided to stay. I am an artist just like you, who loves to make jewelry, paint, and love my family life.
    Take care!


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