Monday, April 12, 2010

A few new sketches and a funny story

I started working on some sketches and I'm ready to start painting them tonight.  

This little birdie looks like she is waiting for someone.

I love the colored glass and thought it would be fun to add a cute momma bird.

Now this little one I made a few years back.  This is when I would sneak away to the studio for my weekly class.  This would be my first acrylic and I had looked through so many books and asked all the other ladies if they liked it.  I giggled because I thought of something that I could say when I completed it that night.  So, I painted and giggled until I finished and of course everyone was wondering what I was up to THIS time, LOL!  I'm sure you can tell from my other posts that I crack myself up!  Not sure if anyone else thinks it's funny=0P  Anyways, back to the story.  I stood up and said, "I will call THIS.................THE CHAIR!  This is where I use to sit BEFORE I had my boy.  I use to file and paint my nails here and pluck my Brooke Shields eye brows.  I use to read a bunch of books and magazines for countless hours HERE.  You see how the chair is empty now and I'm a hot mess?"  They all did laugh that night and I got such a good laugh too.  It was just what I needed=0)

My other job..............
X-Mama, I made you something!
Me-Should I close my eyes?  I can't wait to see.
X-It's something that I know you will like and you really need.
Me-Can I open my eyes?
X-I MADE YOU A COACH WALLET!!!  Do you love it?????
Me-It's great. 


  1. I love your coach wallet!!!!!! That is so funny!!!!!! At least he knows his way to mama's heart right??

  2. Too funny!!
    You know you are one talented lady!


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