Saturday, April 24, 2010

Smell the flowers

Today was the big day, but I didn't get to take many photos....sorry 'bout that.  My guests began to arrive and then the chit chat and then the cake and the sweet tea.  I am really glad I took these photos at the beginning and that I remembered to pick the winners of my giveaway.  I thought it would be fun to write all the names on the bottom of the cupcakes and the first two names are the winners.  Fun right?
Can you smell the pretty flowers?  I really enjoyed talking with every one of my flowers that came to visit me today.  They really helped me celebrate my 1 year anniversary.....lots of giggles=0)

Lets all sing together.....  Isn't she lovely?  Isn't she beautiful?  Isn't she precious?  LOL!  Can you guys tell I had a lovely day?

Right about now I'm cracking my knuckles, so I can pick up cupcakes until I pick two winners.  Who will it be....who will it be.........No name.....I secretly hope it's someone nearby, so I can just drop it off, LOL!  JUST KIDDING!!!  This is taking a while since I have 8 names and 30 cupcakes, LOL!!!!
OMGoodness!!!!!!!!!!!  It's Frenchy!!!!  Congratulations sweet girl=0)  Please send me a private message with your information=0)  Go to and under CONTACT message me.  Now for the winner of my flat note cards..........
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!  The cards are going all the way to Italy, yipee Flaviana=0)  Please send me a private message with your information!  Congratulations girls.

Mother's Day brooches with Swarovski crystals.  I really think these are a lot of fun.
A few paintings and my felted belt buckle(SOLD)and crochet cuffs.
Original watercolors on display.  I just loved how these looked on these shutters.
I'm hoping you all are having a fun time this weekend.  Giggling with family and friends=0)

My other job............
X-Don't be late to class today.  I put signs on all the doors, so you don't get lost.  Room K9, with Mr.X.
Me-I have to be absent today.  I need to eat some dinner right now.
X-Do not be late.
Me-I didn't eat much during my hungry.
X-Room K9!
Me-After I eat.  I promise.
X-You are going to have to go to the director's office.
Me-After I eat.
X-We ate at the beach.  I'm not hungry at all!
Me-I wasn't with you, so I need to eat now.
X-Absent again, that's not good.


  1. Carol,
    Congrats to the winners!! What a great party, I bet you were exhausted. Looks like it was successful and alot of fun!! What a beautiful cake (and cuppies). Did you make that too??? You need to share some talent with the rest of us McD girls....

  2. Thanks Jen!!!! Yes, I'm totally exhausted, but it was soooooooooooooo much fun=0)

    I didn't make the cake this time, LOL! My friend Charmaine did. Make sure to visit her website I do have a yummy marshmellow fondant recipe that I used when I made R volcano bday cake. Let me know if you want the recipe, it's fun and messy=0)

    I gave several people your Sofa Savvy information=0) Lots of people loved my couches=0)


  3. Carol!!!I'm singing and dancing ...!! yay!!
    Am so happy my darling you can't imagine!
    And those cakes?! never seen so beautiful cupcakes before !!
    You're as sweet as those cakes :)
    I'll write you an email today
    Kisses and have a great week my friend

    Oh WOW, i am so happy! Thank you! Thank you!
    Sending you an Email :)
    Your cake is so gorgeous! WOW. Happy Birthday!

  5. Hi Carol-
    I'm so sorry I missed it, what a fun day! Those cupcakes looks amazing, my goodness! Please know I was thinking of you, it was just such a busy weekend! Hopefully next time!
    Take care

  6. Yes girls....YOU WON!!! I can't wait for you to receive your packages=0)

    Thanks Krisin! Next time=0)



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