Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Knitting with my ladies and new friends

Once or twice a month I meet up with my knitting clan and we knit up a storm.  We talk about all kinds of things and check out each others new projects.  We usually meet up for some coffee/hot chocolate and enjoy hearing about what has been going on with out any interruptions.  So, this Sunday I'm super excited to get a few hours to do this.  It's also got me thinking about our up coming field trip!  Yarn stores all day.  Yes, I never thought that I would love to check out all the gorgeous yarn and patterns.  When I leave I'm already thinking about when I will be able to make it back again.  So, I'm going to try and finish up X's sock slippers.  This way I will be able to pick something new on our field trip.  I don't think I mentioned that we will be going to the chocolate festival that day too!!!  Yes, I will take a lot of pictures, but that isn't until next month.
This neutral color looks like I could make a lovely pillow or even a little sweater.  All the sweaters I have made are usually SO colorful, so this may shock some of my friends.
                                 Maybe just a little color?

                                        For one of my chicks.....

This one is so gorgeous and it even has beads!!!  This is my problem, I only love the most expensive yarn, LOL!

My favorite yarn for neck warmers.  I already miss making them!  This year I will start making them in August, so I won't run out.  These colors are so gorgeous.
I just love these bags to carry around all your goodies in.  So, many cute prints for Spring.  Maybe, I will try and paint one on a bag?  Hmmmm, not really sure if it will work out=0)
I have made such great friends knitting and chatting.  I picked up a knitting book when I was 25 and yes, the one with A LOT of photos!!!  I just thought that I would teach myself and just enjoy this little hobby alone.  This little hobby has been such a gift!  When I saw this picture I wondered.......how long were these ladies friends for?  I'm sure a REALLY long time and that makes me happy.  I really have a sweet little spot for my knitting gals Angelina(not Jolie)and Jennifer(not Aniston)that would be way too much drama.

So, now about my blog friends!!!!  I have to be honest, this wasn't my idea, LOL!  My sister in law from Home Sweet Seattle said I would be good at this.  Well, I'm always messing up the font and the color and I got 12 followers after 3.5 months!  I was hoping to make a lot of new friends that are super creative.  This has been a break through week for me.  I was so thrilled when I saw Flaviana and she started to follow me!  She has been super sweet and put my giveaway on her La maison des lilas blog(thanks again).  If you haven't seen her blog, you should check it out!  I love all her great photos and I pretend that I'm drinking my latte in Italy.  My next new friend Kristin is from My uncommon slice of suburbia and she has got some wonderful ideas and a gorgeous home.  Her blog is all about her home improvement projects and trust me, you must check this out!  I also have a new friend named Frenchy!  Her blog Le Chateau des fleurs has craft projects and little kids running around(right up my alley) in fun pictures.  Lots of great photos of her living her life with three kids and a "hubby", she's super cute=0)  So, like I said....I've had a fun week!  Thank you girls(big hug).  Also.......Jennifer from URBAN BARN contacted me!!!  I may be teaching a class or selling my art at their monthly market *fingers crossed*.

My other job........
X-Lets play Candyland.
X-I hope you get a chance to win this time.
Me-Me too!
X-Now remember........You have to have good sportsmanship and THE GOLDEN RULE......NO cheating!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. HAHAHA Candy land! I play with my 2 year old and we have our own rules HAHAHA. Girl you should have told me that you are talking about me on your blog! WOW you are so sweet and the best!
    I am putting you on my blog list at the end of my blog so i can keep in touch better with you too.
    I love your yarn and knitting too..:)
    Have a great day,

  2. Just a quick note to wish you a lovely day!

  3. Carol
    I can't knit.. I've tried but unsuccessfully, now I'm so jealous of your talent ( one of many)!
    A lot of followers will come here , I just know, because you're very sweet and talented and lovely!
    Hugs :-) Flaviana

  4. Hey beautiful ! Thank you for your comment! I wish you could come!LOL
    You could also teach me some painting tricks. My painting is very basic LOL
    I love California, it was the first place i visited :)
    Have a great night.


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