Thursday, May 23, 2013


That time of year has arrived…wedding season. I'm a little, maybe A LOT excited about it. Not really because of all the mushy stuff. The love…the together forever…the sentimental vows. It's really just about being able to go try on cocktail dresses and possibly find a fabulous one. Yes…yes…yes… I know it's not about me. I'M NOT THE BLUSHING BRIDE. I shouldn't try and find a dress that is too flashy or too puffy or too LOOK AT ME EVERYONE. I still can't help being excited about the chiffon or the lace. Don't even get me started about what shoes I'm going to HAVE to buy to match. Yes, there is NO way I can wear an old pair that has been collecting dust in my closet. NO WAY. That would just be wrong and your shoes make or break the overall WOW factor. Again, I understand that it's not about me. I'm not the bride.  I swear I'll pick out a dress that is at least two levels of WOW below the bride.  Now there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to what type of dress you'll pick. Will the wedding be on the beach? Will it take place in a gorgeous country garden? Will it be in Las Vegas, Nevada and will an Elvis impersonator be there? There are so many great dresses out there. I can spend all day looking online at all the options available. There are so many color options and so many dress sizes now. That makes it WAY easier if you can find dresses that have plus size options too. There is nothing more frustrating than LOVING a dress and then you hear the tires screech because it's only available in smaller sizes. Now you can find A LOT more plus size cocktail dresses. So, no worries and you are now free to start searching. I think that if I was going to a wedding on the beach I'd be wearing a bright coral colored layered dress. I think that if I was attending a garden wedding I'd wear something that is a sweet A-line boatneck.. Now for a Las Vegas wedding you can pretty much pull out all the stops. Bring on the jeweled dresses. There are gorgeous dresses that have all type of embellishements on them. From the subtle to the blinding degree of bling, bling. If you'd rather not, but still want some bling there are some great shoes out there too. SO many options and hopefully the wedding invitations start rolling in any day, because I'd really love some new lovely dresses…AND SHOES!!!

Check your mail boxes today,

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