Monday, May 20, 2013


Here we are again...IT'S MONDAY.
I hope you all got a moment all to yourself to relax for at least 2.5 seconds.
I got to work on my girl this weekend and I think I'm pretty much done with her, BUT I may make a few final changes. I really like her=0)

I received my new pendants for my summer pieces this weekend. I'm SUPER excited about how cute they are. I've been looking at all kinds of photos to start my sketches. I've also been looking at pretty stones to add=0) Is there anything you'd like to see? 
Think SEA.


My other job...
X-I think I should of got the Rubik's 4x4 first. can always get it. The 5x5 looks so crazy hard to me, BUT fun.
X-Yeah, but I think that I'm getting better. I just think I will learn the combinations if I solve the 4x4 first.
X-Why don't you go ahead and buy it for me.
Me-I'll put it on your birthday list.
X-I'm not waiting that long. 
X-I had an AWESOME karate class will you buy it for me?

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