Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's in a sketch

HOLA sweet cheeks.
I've been sketching away on something new.
A new sketch that has taken MANY hours=0) 
I'm really trying to make sure that everything looks good. 
Usually, I spend more time painting. I started wondering what would happen if I spent more time on the sketch itself. Will it look different? Hmmmm....
Stay tuned....

Have a great day,

My other job...
X-You have to talk to my teacher about the merit badges.
Me-Merit badges?
X-YES. That I'm SO close to getting my NO KIDS MEAL badge.
X-I only have FIVE more adult meals at a restaurant.
Me-Hmmm...then what happens?
X-I get my badge.
X-We are going on a field trip and they are ordering EVERYONE kid's meals. I can't get one. I CAN'T.
Me-When is the field trip? 
X-In two weeks.
Me-If you get this....merit badge before then...THEN can you get a kid's meal?
X-NO...I hate kid's meals.
Me-None of this makes sense to me.
X-You have to email my teacher and ask her to order me an adult meal.
Me-Lets talk to dad about all this.
X-UGGHHHH.... I already told you that YOU'RE THE BOSS. Dad knows this already.

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